Tuesday 1 October 2013

OSD sampling at Western Channel Observatory - L4 site

View from L4 cam on 18.12.2012

The Western Channel Observatory (WCO), Science Leader – Tim Smyth, is an oceanographic time-series and marine biodiversity reference site in the Western English Channel. In situ measurements are undertaken weekly at coastal station L4 and fortnightly at open shelf station E1 using the research vessels of the Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) and the Marine Biological Association (MBA).  WCO has contributed three samples towards the Ocean Sampling Day activities – June 2012, December 2012 & June 2013.  Surface water is collected near the L4 mooring (50.150 N, 4.130 W) using Plymouth Quest, brought back to PML where Denise passes 5L volumes through the 0.22 μm Sterivex filters (Millipore) and subsequent DNA extractions from these filters were carried out by Cecilia and Declan at the molecular suite at the MBA.  Replica filters are archived at -80C. Samples were sent to Argonne for next-generation sequencing.

Site and Sample Information:

Western Channel Observatory sampling stations
Declan Schroeder (Marine Biological Association), Tim Smyth (Plymouth Marine Laboratory), Cecilia Balestreri (Marine Biological Association) & Denise Cummings (Plymouth Marine Laboratory).

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