Friday 30 November 2012

Micro B3 goes live on social networks....Facebook

Anna Klindworth has launched a Facebook site for Micro B3 especially designed to involve the "younger" scientific community. She will especially use it to help with the preparation and outreach of Ocean Sampling Day event.

The Micro B3 (OSD) page can be found at

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Call for Participation in Ocean Sampling Day

A Call to Join Ocean Sampling Day

You can use the simple form below to register an expression of interest in joining OSD 2014 (or prior pilot activities). Please fill in form and we will contact you.

Register your Expression of Interest in Joining OSD:


Expression of Interest in joining Ocean Sampling Day

Please briefly description your interest in Ocean Sampling Day. All the fields are optional. After you make your expression of interest in participating you will be contacted by the OSD Consortium. Eventually, if you chose to join OSD, you will need to formally register to participate.

1. Contact Name
2. Contact Email
3. Contact Address (Institution)
4. Your ideas - how would you like to participate in OSD?
5. How would your contributed samples be contextualized/unique?
6. When would you want to participate
7. Do you have funding to participate? 

 OSD will become what the community makes it....