Wednesday, 13 November 2013

River Sampling Day‐ Summer solstice 2013‐06‐21 at the River Ellidaá, Iceland – Matis

Sampling was performed for the first time in the salmon river Ellidaá, a river located in Reykjavik in Iceland (Lat: 64°05,848’ N, Long: 21° 47,925’ V). We collected three replicate samples about 3 meters from the river bank using an acid cleaned bucket. The sampling was at 14:46 o´clock on the summer solstice 2012‐13‐21 and the weather was exceptionally good that day. The water samples (1 L) were filtrated (after 30 minutes) through four 0.22 μm Sterivex filters (Millipore). Filtering time was around 30 min. Filters were sealed and immediately frozen at ‐80 °C in individual plastic tubes.

Map of the RSD sampling 
Additional site information:
Air temperature: 20.3°C 
Water temperature surface: 16.1 ̊C
Water conductivity 100uS/cm
pH 9.59

RSD sampling

Viggó Thór Marteinsson, Alexandra M. Klonowski

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