Friday 26 April 2013

All About Ocean Sampling Day & How to Participate

Ocean Sampling Day (OSD) is a highly collaborative project contributed to by many.  It has a complex workflow that covers the capturing of samples from a global network of sites through data generation, analysis and publication.  As the OSD Consortium, we are working towards making information about OSD as public as possible. Consequently, we have collated information from our internal collaborative documents (OSD Collection Googledocs) and this blog post will serve to guide you through all OSD documentation. If you do not have access to any of the documents via the below links, please contact the OSD Core Team on osd-contact<at>microb3<dot>eu.

This list of documents is also for the benefit of the OSD Coordinators, as among formal documentation, all OSD activities are also documented.

1. OSD 2014 Pipeline:
We are pleased to introduced the official OSD 2014 Pipeline, which shows the workflow from sampling to shipping, and analysis to submission. This pipeline is now the official pipeline for the Main OSD Event to be held on June 21st, 2014, Saturday. It is based on in-kind contributions from OSD Partners, as well as agreements made around OSD Committee decisions on OSD Budget allocation, which was awarded from EU just to be allocated for the Main OSD Event in 2014.

2. OSD Sampling Protocol: Click to view the sampling protocol used for OSD Pilot Events.

3. OSD Shipping Protocol: Click to find out about how to ship your OSD-Pilot samples.

4. OSD Pilot Samples & Metadata Registration:
It is of ultimate importance to have supporting in-situ contextual data for your samples, hence we highly encourage all our participants to collect such metadata during sampling.

5. OSD Pilot Pipeline: Below is the OSD Pilot pipeline, which shows the current workflow from sampling to shipping, and analysis to submission. Please note that this pipeline is not the official pipeline - it is all set up to serve the Pilot OSD project based on in-kind contributions from OSD Partners - therefore it may change as the project proceeds. Such changes will be reflected/updated in this blog.

5. How to Join OSD: Click to find out how to formally register your interest to take part in OSD.

6. OSD Weekly Telecons: Click to find out more on four telecons per week.

7. OSD Coordinators Network: Click to find out about OSD Coordinators and their areas of expertise.

8. OSD Sites: Click to view the list of OSD Sites who signed up for participation.

9. Status of OSD Sites: Click here to view the matrix of OSD Sites summarising their progress.  

10. OSD Analysis Report: Coming Soon
Contents will include:
OSD Analysis Rationale and Template, as well as results from June & December 2012 OSD pilots.

11. OSD Crowdsourcing Campaign: Click to read on related plans on citizen science engagement.

12. OSD Data Policy: Click to view the latest draft of the OSD Data Policy.

13. Additional Links for Co-ordinators:
All of the OSD internal documents are kept here.  Once you formally become part of OSD you will be given access. There are many documents. Please consult the OSD Core Team if you need help navigating or need to start a new document.

The master list of members of the consortium is here.

The master document for all of OSD is here.

14. How to contact the OSD Core Team: Click to find out how to contact us.

15. Documentation In Progress:
  • Scientific rationale: Coming soon
  • Sequencing and DNA prep: Coming soon
  • Integration with environmental data: Coming soon
  • Biotechnology applications: To be developed

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