Tuesday, 5 November 2013

OSD ‐ Summer solstice 2013‐06‐21 at Faxaflói, Iceland – Matis

Sampling was performed for the third time in Faxaflói, a bay in Southwest-Iceland between the peninsulas of Reykjanes and Snæfellsnes. A small boat was used to go to the OSD sampling station (Lat: 64° 12,50’ N, Long: 22° 00,90’ V). We collected three replicate samples from the sampling station from a depth of 0.2 meter using acid cleaned bucket. The sampling was at 12:04 o´clock on the summer solstice 2012‐13‐21 and the weather was exceptionally good. The water samples (1 L) were filtrated (after 1 hour) through four 0.22 μm Sterivex filters (Millipore). Filtering time was around 30 min. Filters were sealed and immediately frozen at ‐80 °C in individual plastic tubes.

Map of the OSD sampling site 

Additional site information:
Air temperature: 17°C ?
Water temperature surface: 10.4 ̊C
Salinity 3,5

View from the boat to the shore of Reykjavík

Viggó Thór Marteinsson, Alexandra M. Klonowski

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