Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Stickers for Micro B3 and OSD - NOW AVAILABLE

Dear Micro B3 and OSD Partners and Friends, 

We are happy to announce that stickers for Micro B3 and OSD are now available! Within the next couple of days the stickers will be sent to the WP leaders and other Micro B3/OSD partners to distribute them among the community. 

So with a little help of YOU we hope that they will help us advertising the Micro B3 project and Ocean Sampling Day WORLDWIDE.

Stickers are FOR FREE

Therefore do not hesitate to contact one of the local Micro B3 and/or one of the OSD partners. You can also send us an email (contact@microb3.eu). We try to ship them to you as fast as possible. 

Picture of one of our first happy supporter! Thank you very much. 

The Micro B3 Team 

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