Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ocean Sampling Day - Iceland - December 2012

Ocean Sampling Day‐ Winter solstice 2012‐12‐21 at Faxaflói, Iceland – Matis

Viggó Thór Marteinsson, Eyjólfur Reynisson and Kristinn Guðmundsson

Sampling was performed for the second time in Faxaflói, a bay in Southwest-Iceland between the peninsulas of Reykjanes and Snæfellsnes. A small boat was used to go to the OSD sampling station (Lat: 64° 12,50’ N, Long: 22° 00,90’ V) in a ruff sea and a strong wind (wind speed 20 m/sec) but the air temperature was unusually warm (8°C). Despite of heavy rolling and unstable conditions on board the small boat, we manage to collect three replicate samples from the sampling station from a depth of 0.2 meter using acid cleaned bucket. The sampling was at 12:30 o´clock on the winter solstice 2012‐12‐21.The water samples (1 L) were filtrated instantly on site through four 0.22 μm Sterivex filters (Millipore). Filtering time was around 50 min. Filters were sealed and immediately frozen at ‐196 °C in individual plastic tubes.

Two crew members (Eyjó and Kristinn) working on deck

A map of the OSD sampling site

View to the shore from the sampling site
Additional site information:
Air temperature: 8°C
Water temperature surface: 3,5 ̊C
Salinity 3,5
Wind speed 20 m/sec

All the best from Viggó and Eyjó

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