Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Ocean Sampling Day ‐ Summer solstice 2012-06-20 – Roscoff

Sampling was performed at the SOMLIT-Astan long-term observatory site (48° 46' 40 N, 3° 56' 15 W) at 10:30 local time during the 2012 summer solstice. Water was collected from a depth of 1 meter using a Niskin bottle. Water samples were transported to the lab in an acid cleaned plastic bottle within 15 minutes and filtered. Within 30 minutes, 4 replicates of 1 liter were filtered for metagenomic analyses using the Sterivex 0.22µm filters. Filters were sealed and immediately frozen at ‐80 °C in individual zip‐lock bags.

Pictures were taken by Service Mer-Station Biologique de Roscoff

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